Does your friend deserve something more special then willy straws and pink tutus for her hen? Have you been to the same karaoke bar so many times for your birthday that you no longer need a reservation? Time. To. Try. Something. New.

What better way to celebrate a birthday, hen party or a random Thursday night, than with a beautiful and inspiring ritual that will bring you and all your friends together, where you will share something magical that you all will grow from. Don’t worry, there will be prosecco -if you want too.

The following sessions are designed for a maximum of 10 participants, if you’re lucky enough to have even more friends that you have invited please get in touch for a price quote. If you like to mix and max experiences and practices, get in touch for a personalised event.

THE GODDESS CIRCLE £250, 2 hours

  • 2 rituals - letting go and welcoming

  • goddess meditation - “awaken your light”

  • yoga

  • a goddess gift set and flower for each participant

THE CRYSTAL GRID £350, 2.5 hours

  • the low down on crystals - how to charge, cleanse and look after them

  • a crystal meditation

  • Your choice to

    make your own smudging stick wrapped with flowers and ribbons


    your own crystal scented pocket spray

  • a crystal gift for each participant

  • a crystal singing bowl sound bath