Do you keep opening every social media app on your phone over, and over, and over again. Searching for “inspiration” or maybe validation…but you end up watching videos of surfing dogs. Do you feel connected online but totally disconnected to you?

Do you wake up feeling more tired then when you went to sleep, and as you have no morning routine you’d happily sleep until midday. Do you sometimes wonder where your glow’s gone?

Maybe you’re a yoga rock-star but your mat is (still) in the closet and you don’t seem to have enough time during your week to make it to the studio!

If you’re ready for change, to be the best version of you, then why not join a workshop (perfect for to dipping your toes in to the pool of holistic wellness) or check out the selection of tailored, one to one practices that Daughter North - Maria Usai - offer. Let’s start our journey.

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