Wellness Pop-Up @ Music & Beans
2:00 PM14:00

Wellness Pop-Up @ Music & Beans

A restorative, calm and holistic pop-up space at Music & Beans in Harringay

As the holistic practitioner in resident I’m offering a monthly pop-up wellness space at Music & Beans in Harringay where you can enjoy a selection of holistic practises. 

One day a month you can book yourself a slot and choose from:

  • Sound Healing 

  • Reiki Healing 

  • Oracle card readings

  • Crystal Healing 

  • Chakra balancing by instruments 

  • Mediation & Mindfulness

Book your slot on my BOOKINGS page.


  • “Espresso Session” 15 minutes £10 

  • 30 minutes £20 

  • 45 minutes £30

  • 60 minutes  £40
    (I require a £5 deposit to secure your booking)

If you have any questions please contact info@casafortunata.org

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FREE* Holistic Taster Sessions (HALS)
2:00 PM14:00

FREE* Holistic Taster Sessions (HALS)

Maria will host a pop-up wellness space at Music & Beans and as part of Harringay Festival Of Learning we’re offering persons who are interested in experiencing a holistic approach to wellness to enjoy a free 20 minute session.

Who might benefit from this session?

  • You might feel as if you have lost your spark

  • You are struggling to get over a past relationship

  • You find yourself holding on to hard to grief

  • You in a writer block, or feel creatively stuck

  • If you’re in recovery from illness, addiction or medical treatments

What will happen?

As the holistic practitioner in resident at Music & Beans we will use a private pop up treatment space, you will remain fully clothes as you lay to rest on the treatment table. There is blanket and pillows available for your comfort. If you wish I will use essential oils for a deeper relaxation. I will guide you though a calming and soothing meditation and then you will enjoy sound healing and Reiki. Together we will explore the journey back to you.


  • A calm clear mind

  • Feeling relaxed and nourished

  • Balancing emotional and physical body

  • Relief from physical aches and pains

  • A sense of peace

The Harringay Festival of Learning gives Harringay residences a chance to try new things for free, without commitment. Book yourself in for this free 20 minute session via the booking page.

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Sound Bath & Healing
3:00 PM15:00

Sound Bath & Healing

£20 p/p

At this event the power of sound and light is combined to work on the deepest emotional level to sooth and re-balance your heart and mind, your body and soul.

Starting with a led meditation, guests are then guided into a restorative pose while Maria offers 1-to-1 healing.  This will enable you to relax fully before laying down to enjoy the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in a gentle Sound Bath. As the restoring sound vibrations enter your body, the soft waves will release both emotional and physical blockages.

During the second part of the event a "healing shower" will flood the space, sending the healing power of light healing in to the room, filling you with light and love.

This workshop will allow you to:

- Release anxiety, worry and stress

- Enjoy deep relaxation and calm leading to a meditative state

- Experience a mind, body and emotional detox

- Enjoy a sense of feeling restored, re-balanced, refreshed and empowered!

BOOK HERE: https://www.bind-yoga.co.uk/workshops

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Yang & Yin w/ live music by DJ Malin
3:00 PM15:00

Yang & Yin w/ live music by DJ Malin

£35 p/p

Join us for a 90 minute session of movement, meditation and sound. The yoga journey will be guided by Maria, a holistic practitioner with focus on Yin Yoga and healing. We’ll start with a dynamic Hatha flow sequence to build up some heat, accompanied by a soundtrack provided by Malin, a DJ who has warmed dance floors in places like Burning Man, Tulum, Brazil and Mykonos. The Yang part of the session will slowly lead into a seated, slower Yin practice where we use long held poses which helps to release blockages in qi (energy) on the deepest levels within the body. In Yin Yoga we gently open the meridians (energy channels) to facilitate movement of trapped energy.

Yin works on both and emotional and psychical level by releasing stress and enabling your body to produce its own feel good hormones. As you lay to rest in a long final savasana you will once more be guided by sound and we’ll incorporate sound healing instruments to help tapping into meditative brain states. Incense, essential oils and tuning forks will be used in this 360 immersive experience which will help you reset and restore energy levels for spring.

Maria is a holistic practitioner specialising in yoga and sound for deep emotional and physical healing. She trained with Sebastian Pucelle at WithYin in Belgravia and has also studied reiki and sound healing. Maria works daily with clients all over London using breath alongside movement and sound to restore the balance within heart, head and spirit.

Malin has over 10 years experience as an international DJ and music producer. She has been a devoted yoga fan since her teens and finds yoga, meditation and sound healing a crucial part to staying sane in her demanding lifestyle as a DJ. Previous clients of her YogaxSound sessions include Equinox, Lululemon, Reebook and Shoreditch House.

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/deep-house-yang-yin-yoga-with-sound-healing-meditation-tickets-58527095117

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