30 min (my location or remote only) £30
60 min £60
60 min remote £45

r e i k i

There are many different types of holistic therapies, including yoga, tai chi, meditation, qigong, creative visualization, pranic healing and art therapy.

One of the most accepted and practiced forms of alternative therapy is Reiki which works in conjunction with regular medical or psychological treatment.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. I offer hands off or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is transferred through my palms to you, in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Physical healing - Reiki is a complementary therapy which can be used alongside conventional treatments, activating the body's own innate self-healing capabilities, often with amazing results. For this reason it is also highly effective in aiding recovery from medical procedures.

Healing of the mind and emotions - the influx of energy during a Reiki treatment can loosen and dissolve emotional blockages held in the body and the mind. This can help you to break free from negative patterns and improve your relationship with yourself and others. Reiki is extremely relaxing, naturally relieving anxiety and stress levels. Reki is also know to help fertility problems, sleep issues and physical illnesses and injuries.

Spiritual healing - Reiki takes us into a deep meditative state where we can awaken and connect with our higher self. It is here that we can gain clarity on life's issues and a wonderful sense of peace and love. Reiki cleanses the auric field, rebalances the chakras and ultimately, assists us in activating major positive changes in our life.

about the session:

  • Each Reiki treatment will start with a brief consultation, outlining the areas of your life you would like to work on.

  • I will ask you to take your shoes off and lay on a treatment couch, yoga mat or sit in a chair. You'll remain fully clothed.

  • With your permission, the treatment can be given hands on or hands off - whichever your prefer. Kindly note that a hands off treatment works just as well.

  • A session will last 30 or 60 minutes including the consultation

  • No preparation is required on your part before the treatment

  • No alcohol consumption before the session or for 24 hours after if possible

  • If you like I can also do a energetic cleanse using sage and paolo santo


what to expect

A Reiki session is a uniquely personal experience and even your first treatment may feel very different compared to your second. Listed below are some of the main sensations you may experience: 

  • Warmth, cold, tingling or electrical impulses flowing through your body

  • Colours, memories replayed or visions in your minds eye

  • Emotional releases - you may want to cry or laugh

  • A feeling of heaviness, lightness or an out of body experience

  • You may drift off beyond a deep meditation into a dream-like state or sleep

  • I might use crystals and tuning forks alongside the reiki


reiki lineage

A Reiki lineage can be likened to a family tree in which each Reiki Master can trace back to the Reiki Master who attuned their teacher. Attunements are the major system by which Reiki is transferred from teacher to student.  A Reiki lineage is considered to be valid if it can be traced back without breaks to the founder of the system - Mikao Usui.

Choosing a practitioner or teacher with an unbroken lineage means you can be confident that the original, traditional teachings will have been preserved as much as possible. My lineage in both the Western & Japanese Reiki systems is listed below.



1. Mikao Usui
2. Taketomi Kanichi
3. Kimiko Koyama
4. Hiroshi Doi
5. Frans Stiene
6. Torsten Lange
7. Justine Nolan
8. Maria Usai



1. Mikao Usui
2. Chujiro Hayashi
3. Hawayo Tacit
4. Phyllis Lei Furumoto
5. Carrel Ann Farmer
6. Leah Smith
7. William Lee Rand
8. Penelope Quest
9. Torsten Lange
10. Justine Nolan
11. Maria Usai