I'm Daughter North - Maria Usai. I specialise in holistic practices and yoga for physical healing and stress management.

I work with all forms of physical and emotional conditions. This can be illness, sustained injury, significant stiffness, physical tension or poor organ health, as well and overwhelming stress and anxiety.

I offer my sessions as a holistic approach to managing the emotional upset and restoring the balance within. The practices also support your natural healing ability during recovery, and helps your body retain it’s natural calm and relaxed state.

I’m specialised in yin and restorative yoga; these soothing forms of yoga have roots in traditional Chinese medicine and work on the deepest layers in the body opening up the meridians (energy lines), so that your qi/ prana can flow freely and assist your own healing ability.

Each holistic practice has its own unique benefits and the sessions will be tailored to meet your requirements.

My sessions offer you a safe and supported space for healing to take place within your heart, body and mind.

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