Agnes - the successful ACTRESS - having spent all her life on stage she felt as she was stuck living a life behind the curtains.


restorative yoga
reiki healing
card readings

The Actress

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“Agnes got in touch with me to help her with lower back and hip pains. She had been working with chiropractors and doctors for years but nothing seem to relive the pains completely. She has great flexibility in her body, as she used to practice yoga when she was younger, and she also have a nice open spiritual mind so she wanted to try out a holistic approach.

When we first met we practices restorative yoga once a week, but as our conversations became deeper it was clear to me that there where more underlying issues to Agnes pain and discomfort so we decided to incorporate reiki healing. As soon as I connected with the energy Agnes mum came in to the space and sang to me, Agnes later told me her mum was a opera singer and also that the flat where she lived use to be her mums. As our sessions evolved it became very clear that Agnes strong bonds to her mum where still very active, and I suggested that we should explore ways of untying these bonds for them both to be able to progress on their journey. I also had a strong indication that the lower back pain (which is a manifestation of being abandoned, left behind and alone) could be connected to the loss of her mother.

To gain more clarity if this was the right way for us to go forth, I laid the cards for Anges…The oracle card reading gave me “Anna- Angel Mother” and the crystal card that came up was “Turmite” which was also the names of Agnes mothers favourite perfume. I guess we where on to something here.

In our continued monthly sessions, we are now exploring ways for her to loosen the bond between her and her mother, to build confidence and feel secure on her journey. I have taught her how to energetically clear her space and how to disconnect energetically to her mum when her support is not needed, and we also continue to work with the healing powers of reiki for the physical benefits, assisting her body to deeply heal. We also continue to read the card to make sure that she is on the right journey as she is exploring new work and development opportunities, things that before might have felt a bit to scary.

Agnes have told me that the back pain have reduces significantly, and she is now more mobile, shes able to walk to the shops and go out to meet friends. She also say the energy around her and in her house is calm and nourishing and that she has a positive and confident mindset . “