“Jenny came to me to help her with stress and anxiety, and to improve her sleep. At our first session I worked on her main chakras, opening the flow of energy and connecting to her field on a three dimensional level with reiki healing. Jenny was very insecure about her own spirituality so even though I met her guides and angels already at the first session, (after inviting them in to the space) I focused more on relieving the current elements of stress that she was holding on to then to engage in conversations with her guides. She left feeling lighter and calmer, and reported back that she slept amazingly.

At our second session I went a little deeper and a collective of guides and angle came though to give support in our reiki session, there was a strong, beautiful ancient warrior King coming though to Jenny, and he made him self know to be one of the guides that will taking her deeper in to her spirituality and he gave some advance and guidance which I passed on to Jenny. In this session I also felt a blockage of energy behind Jenny’s right eye, and I asked her to have it checked.

When we met the third time, she told me that her optician have found changes in her eye sight on the right eye and she need to have her glasses adjusted to relive strain on the eye. She also told me that she feels much calmer and happier, and that she sleeps better. While in our third session I received messages that reflected Jenny’s view on the world and i understood there was a deeper conversation to be had, for us to be able to heal on a deeper level. As we spoke afterwards, she clarified to me that she found it hard to watch the news and to read things about the world and the environment that are negative as this makes her feel sad. This confirmed the messages that I had received, that Jenny’s problems with the eyes are due to her inability to see the beautiful things in this worlds, this is also the underlying issues to her feeling anxious and stressed at times. Me and Jenny are now continuing to work with reiki, energy healing and positive affirmations to change her vision of this world, to allow her to open her eyes (without fear) to all the beauty there is to see. With the divine tools available to me we work to improve her eye health, her inner calm and help her development on her own spiritual journey without fear. “