Mr julian Bennett

TV personality / Fashion stylist

“Working in TV and fashion is great, I love my job, but I’m on the go 24/7 with no time to relax. I was going though nights of insomnia, feelings of overwhelming stress and a over active mind, I needed something to calm me down and balance out my crazy day-to-day life. A friend recommended reiki healing and Maria, and it’s been amazing. Her professional and gentle approach is perfect for what I need and it was a long time sense I felt so calm and relaxed, ready for whatever tomorrow might bring!”

Pauline isabella reese

Professional Body Builder

“Working with Maria on my weight loss journey made all the difference. I’ve tried and failed so many times I had almost given up hope of ever being healthy and happy. Maria understood that I didn’t need vigorous exercise, it was my own emotional blockages that where holding me back from loosing the weight. My own negative beliefs. The reiki and sound healing have helped me change my mindset and let go of “I can’t”. She was the perfect partner on my journey and I’m now using my own experience to inspire and help other on the same journey. Priceless!!”


“Maria is the most loving, giving and truly caring yoga teacher. Her reiki sessions are deeply healing. Shes an amazing teacher, anyone who is taught by Maria is truly fortunate. She’s patient and gives all of her self to each client”