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  • MANDRAKE HOTEL 20-21 Newman Street London, England, W1T 1PG United Kingdom (map)

Join us for a 90 minute session of movement, meditation and sound. The yoga journey will be guided by Maria, a holistic practitioner specialising in Yin yoga and healing. We’ll start with a dynamic Hatha flow sequence to build up some heat, accompanied by a soundtrack provided by Malin, a DJ who has warmed dance floors in places such as Burning Man, Tulum and Mykonos. The Yang part of the session will slowly lead into a seated, slower Yin practice where we use long held poses which helps to release blockages in qi (energy) on the deepest levels within the body. In Yin Yoga we gently open the meridians (energy channels) to facilitate movement of trapped energy.

Yin works on both and emotional and psychical level by releasing stress and enabling your body to produce its own feel good hormones. As you lay to rest in a long final savasana you will once more be guided by sound and we’ll incorporate sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls and tuning forks to help tapping into meditative brain states. Sound healing during the New Moon is said to further deepen the positive effects of healing frequencies.

Yin yoga combined with sound healing can help to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve focus and give clarity

  • Spark new ideas and improve creativity

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Act as an anti-aging and improve brain function

  • Bring joy and motivation

Maria is a holistic practitioner specialising in yoga and sound for deep emotional and physical healing. She trained with Sebastian Pucelle at WithYin in Belgravia and has also studied reiki and sound healing. Maria works with the breath alongside movement and sound to restore the balance within heart, head and spirit.

Malin has over 10 years experience as an international DJ and music producer. She has been a devoted yoga fan since her teens and finds yoga, meditation and sound healing a crucial part in her demanding lifestyle as a DJ. Clients of her YogaxSound events include Equinox, Lululemon, Reebook and Shoreditch House.


Earlier Event: July 13