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  • Clarity 2 Cinnamon Row, Battersea, London SW11 3TW London United Kingdom (map)

This intimate event invites you in to a calm and peaceful place, where all external influences fade away and you turn your attention to “let go and heal”. Daughter North – Maria- will energetically hold the space and collectively connect you to the divine energy. You will be guided though a reiki shower meditation and as you allow yourself to on to your mat you will experience deep emotional release and healing, as you receive hands on, one to one reiki though your crown chakra.

You will then enjoy the soothing vibrations from tuning forks, wind chimes and singing bowls. The instruments will balance you chakras, open your energetic flow and assist your body in releasing all that no longer serves you, replacing it will healing light, happiness and love.

Please note this event has very limited availability due to the intimate setting and the amount of personal attention and dedication given to each participant. This includes energetic connection and support, hands on reiki and the use of tuning forks on your body. If you are coming to work on big emotional upsets, such as grief or illness, please notify Daughter North in person before the event.

Events includes

  • Divine energy connection

  • Reiki Shower Meditation

  • One to one Reiki healing 

  • One to one sound healing

  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

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Later Event: September 8