Yoga class (Yin, office, hatha or yang / yin) £50
one to one, 30 min reiki sessions (payable by the company or by the individual clients) £25
Meditation and mindfulness in group £50
one to one 30 min mindfulness sessions £20
Sound Bath in group £150
one to one 30 min sound healing session £25


Bring some fun and flair in to your work-space with regular wellness or yoga events. Enjoying a weekly wellness session at work is known to:

  • increase positivist

  • increase motivation

  • create a calm and focused mind

  • better performance

  • improve circulation

  • help team building and bonding

  • make you a very liked boss or organiser

The sessions can be designed to suit your space, time, budget and objective. Some popular choices are:

  • on site pop-in reiki healing - mini 20 minutes reiki session bookable throughout the day

  • meditation & mindfulness sessions

  • yoga

  • sound baths

Maria works with a selection of upmarket companies, go on - join the tribe.

  • ASOS

  • Just Eat

  • Google

  • Seven Dials

  • Clearly So

  • AxiCom

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Maria Leads a weekly lunchtime yoga session for the staff here at Google. She tailors each session to meet the needs of the group as well as tuning in to individuals and providing support, encouragement and challenge where necessary. The staff have recognised a real and significant improvement in their sense of well-being and their overall physical strength. Maria has a wonderful, warm and responsive approach and is motivating, sensitive and extremely reliable. Our Yoga sessions have definitely become the highlight of the week
— Denise Margrave, Google