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“Maria leads a weekly lunchtime yoga session for us, and the staff have recognised a real and significant improvement in their sense of well-being and their overall physical strength. It’s the highlight of the week!”

- Denise Mangat, Google

Corporate wellness.

Corporate Wellness is an investment in the physical and mental health of your employees by creating a healthier, happier and more relaxed environment. Corporate wellness can improve the overall productivity, health and morale of staff, while reducing stress levels in the workplace.

I can work with you to create and deliver bespoke corporate wellness events.  These can be provided as a  singular office events or as a regular service to promote the importance of well being. The events are designed to improve the health, energy & performance of your staff.

With great experience in, in office yoga, mindfulness and relaxation I have a wide range of services to enable to you to design your wellness activities specifically for your team.    Risk assessments, full documents for each event and insurance documents is provided as standard.

✓ Drive home the wellness message

✓ Improve job satisfaction

✓ Relieve neck, shoulder and back pain from sitting at a desk

✓ Relieve work related headaches, anxiety, stress and insomnia

✓ Inspire your staff by caring about their wellbeing

Suggested activities

  • Mindfulness & meditation

  • Sound Baths

  • full wellness days

  • 45 / 60 minutes Yoga

  • Healing (Reiki or energy restore healing)

  • Masterclasses:

    How to use crystals

    Manifesting your ideal reality

    Your healthy and happy life start today


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