Emily wanted to use reiki healing to work on her emotional balance and to overcome anxiety.

“I have been receiving Reiki healing from Maria for the last month and I can honestly say she is fantastic and I can't recommend her enough. She is so dedicated to my personal healing journey and works with me so gently. I went through a professional burn out followed by a divorce about a year ago, and I found Maria by coincidence; I wish our path would have crossed sooner as I feel better today then what I have in a long time. Her studio is so lovely and beautiful, and I feel so safe and looked after while I'm there. It's like a mini retreat meeting there! Her Reiki sessions are so relaxing, soothing and comforting, and once I also received a message from one of my angels which she gave me, and it was spot on!”


kate ellis

Wanted to improve her dynamic Vinyasa practice and learn more about aliments and feel more confident on the mat.

“Lovely, constructive session and Maria had really taken the time to plan our upcoming sessions around my goals. Really enjoyed the sessions and I’ve learned so much. I feel much more confident in my practice and I have established a great connection to my body. ”


jessica streets

Jessica wanted to gain flexibility and develop a meditation practice.

“You have been teaching me for almost 6 moth now and I absolutely love our Yin Yoga sessions. When I first reached out to you my main goal was to gain flexibility and openness my physical body, but our session have given me so much more. I find that your guided mediation and the way you have taught me to connect with my breath and listen to my body have totally transformed the way I feel about myself and my body. So alongside flexibility I have gained confidence and love for myself. Thank you so much for your dedication to me as a student and that you so generally share your knowledge about all things yogi.”



Val came to me to work on her emotional balance and self confidence.

“Maria made me feel very comfortable, like in a space out of time which helped me cut off from outside world. She sensed the energies of my body with accuracy and gave me an amazing feed back about it so I knew what to work on. I highly recommend private sessions with Maria for deep healing.”



With a goal of healing a stiff hip and releasing stagnated energy in the middle of the body me and Dani worked with yin yoga and reiki healing.

“Maria is a fantastic yoga instructor, with a great breadth of knowledge regarding yoga, the body, breathing practises, focusing the mind and meditation. She is warm, welcoming and professional. The space is calming and comfortable. I cannot recommend working with her enough, whether it is for mental, physical or emotional benefits. I am so happy to have found her to work with, I have tried a number of yoga options previously and none have made the impression she has or the results in such a short space of time. Worth every penny and more!”