1 x 120 min sessions £110
7 x 120 min sessions (to be booked within 3 months) £550

chakra healing sessions

This is the ultimate self loving treat for those who are ready for transformation. Ready to love - yourself and others, ready to be creative, brave, wide eyed and love life -again. In a chakra healing session Maria will dive in to your dreams, fears and believes and invite you to work with her as she uses yoga, sound, reiki, crystals and energy healing to release energetic blockages within your chakras. You will work to change your negative belief system and create a clear path for synchronising your manifestations. Working on one specific chakra at each session, going deep, diving in an connecting in to the physical, emotional and spiritual space of this chakra will change your energetic flow and set your potential free. It sound like magic, but the shift that will take place and how you will feel is 100% real. It’s equal parts spirituality, science and energy work.

Energy flow around us and within us, all around this world (and through to the others), up to the universe and down in to mother earth. Managing your energy is the key to powerful manifestations, unlocking your potential, healing and releasing old held negative belief systems. The energy centres (aka chakras), are the processing facilities for your life. When blockages appear here it can manifest though to your physical body in such ways as illness, or stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and other negative experiences and limitations.

Using all the tools available alongise Maria’s in depth knowledge of the bodies energy lines, chakras and anatomy, this private charka “workshop” will be designed around your dreams. What is is that you like to achieve, what are you working towards?

This personalised, in depth healing session offers you

  • a safe space to heal

  • in depth information about the chakra, sent to you via email with help and guidance how to look after your chakra going forward

  • guided chakra meditation

  • yin yoga to open the physical space

  • reiki healing to assist emotional and physical healing within the chackra and a energy boost

  • restorative yoga to sooth the central nervous system and connect with your chakras emotional body

  • sound healing, to energize and awake the chakras and the energy flow

  • crystal work

  • homework to continue your healing

The sessions are offered as a one off for one chakra, or as a program for the 7 main chakras. If you’re uncertain about which chakra that need a bit of TLC, please contact Maria for a free telephone consultation.

“I signed up for Maria’s chakra healing journey in December lat year when I became ill with a aggressive virus and anixety. I wanted to work on healing my energetic and physical one. Maria’s sessions have been amazing! The have helped me reconnect with my mum, find the beauty and lessons within my illness journey and supported my healing process. My body is more flexible then ever, as we have regular yin yoga session in conjunction to the chakra healing sessions, and my energy levels and mood is lifted. I’m aware I have along journey ahead of me and I’m determent to make reiki, yoga and sound vibrations part of every step. I have learned so much about the the chakra system, and I can now notice energetic changes in my chakras and work to heal them myself with guidance from Maria’s information and materials. ”

- Jessica, London