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I’m originally from Sweden, and Iv’e lived in London for the last 12 years. Before settling down I spent sometime travelling, visiting and working in Italy, Greece, and Scotland. My mum always said I have gypsie bone - a travellers soul.

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 (insulin dependent) when i was 12 years old, and I decided from early age that the illness would not stop me from doing whatever I wanted in this life. I spend my younger years rebelling, my teenage years partying to much and my early adult years feeling unsettled, lost and unhappy. My sugar levels was unmanageable and when I was 25 I was diagnosed with depression (probably caused by the diabetes) and diabetic changes to my eyes which could cause blindness. I decided it was time for a change.

Spirituality had always been a part of my life, and I had found some comfort in meditation and alternative medicine over the years, so I decided to give it a proper go so joined a yoga studio. That first restorative yoga class changed my life forever. I came home to my boyfriend (now husband) and I started to cry and laugh, then crying, then laughing again - hysterically - for hours, he thought I was going mad. But then he said to me it was the first time in over a year he actually seen me express any type of emotion. I was true. I felt as if my frozen emotions where “melting”…I could feel things again. I was the first time I felt it in my heart when he said “I love you”. Why had I been protecting myself so much?

I decided to learn more, and after 3 years of practicing yoga I signed up for my teacher training in Yin Yoga. This healing form of yoga have helped me heal from numb toes, bad circulation, under preforming liver and stress. Combined with a reiki healing and a alternative diet, I am now almost insulin free with stable blood glucose levels. I take 25% of the recommended dose of insulin for a person in similar circumstances.

Through teaching yoga and working with my own illness, I leaned that I have a gift and interest in working with the body to assist in physical healing. I decided to strengthen my practice with a restorative yoga course, going deeper in to the emotions and the emotional root of the illness. I learned about the reasons behind my own diabetes and I’m now aware that every physical manifestation has an emotional root, an emotional imbalances. To be able to support this part of mine and my clients healing journey I gained my reiki practitioner diploma.

After regularly incorporating reiki as part of my self practice, alongside yoga and nutrition, I have reversed the diabetic changes to my eyes and increased the function of my liver and gallbladder.

My goal is to be insulin free at the end of this year, healing not only the symptoms but the root to my illness.

Thank you you for reading.
That’s my journey, I would love to be part of yours!


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“With emphasis on my clients
individual healing journey I offer yoga, sound baths and reiki to promote physical, spiritual and emotional healing.”


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  • Reiki level 2 14h, East London Reiki, June 2019

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  • Yoga London Restorative Yoga TT 25h , February 2018

  • WithYin Yin Yoga TT Module 1 50h, August 2017

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