Hi, I’m Daughter North

My name is Maria Usai, I am a Swedish spiritual and holistic practitioner that offers yoga, reiki and sound healing as a holistic approach to managing emotional and physical imbalances, including stress and anxiety.

The practices I offer supports the bodies natural healing ability, opening the flow of qi though the meridians (energy lines) and chakras and helps you restore and retain your natural health and happiness.

I’m highly qualified in vinyasa flow, yin and restorative yoga, as well as Reiki and sound healing. In our sessions I will combine my knowledge of universal healing and the bodies chakra system and meridians to create a personalised program that will support your individual requirements.

Together we will find your calm - and happy - heart & head.




The Magic

I offer one to one and shared (groups of 2 or more) sessions of yoga, sound healing and reiki.

My sessions will be tailored to your objectives and what you like to achieve with the sessions. Popular themes are stress release, healing anxiety, healing from grief, improving flexibility and supporting the body while recovering from injury or illness. You can read more about the holistic practices I offer and the events I’m hosting by clicking on the icons below.





sound bath




Corporate wellness

Investing in a workplace wellness program can provide broad-reaching benefits for your company, not just employees. In general, the most effective wellness programs creates a culture of health. We can work to cover a number of health challenges, including smoking, obesity, lack off exercise, stress, mental health pressure and even workplace negativity.

Health and wellness affects your company's bottom line in many ways—in particular, it can lower health care costs, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and raise employee morale. These events aim to improve employees' well-being by encouraging them to relax, enjoy physical exercise and make continued positive lifestyle changes.


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I host regular public events in beautiful venues across London and beyond. Read more about them below.